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24 x 7 Winter Update Convoy to canberra

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Winter Update

The convoy to Canberra post the EPIC Showgrounds eviction is still going strong.

The situation up on the Parliament House lawns is fluid, constantly evolving by the hour depending on the ever changing restrictions and alleged discriminations of the ACT protective services.  The Usher of the Black Rod, who presides over the parliamentary committee inside the house, is allegedly directing and enforcing police action against the protesters, who have a legal right to conduct these protests.

Regardless of the law enforcement overreach, the freedom activists are not giving up and are currently battled down in the lower carpark, adjacent to the Old Parliament House senate rose gardens. Two of the original freedom soldiers, Brad and Joel, have invented an innovative way to shelter from the freezing wind, and the continual confiscation of personal property by police. These shelters, which are quickly constructed out of clingwrap, are formally named ‘Freedom Embassies’.  

At the time of writing this blog, they have constructed “Freedom Embassy 17.0”.  You can guess what happened to the preceding ones…

The GG’s are still there daily holding Mr Hurley accountable and doing pop-up protests at various locations around Canberra and supporting freedom fighters at the courthouse who have been arrested.  

Although many have gone back home or to other places, there’s a strong sense of resolve and determination amongst the remaining group.   Brad and Joel have held the ground over winter, they almost froze but are warmed by their convictions and the anger at what they see unfolding.

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