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The first anniversary of the Convoy to Canberra is coming up quick. The first day of convoy anniversary is January 30 2023 and anniversary of the million Australians who gathered at Australian Parliament House is February 13 2023 .Please come back for the day, the week or the year to commemorate this significant expression of democracy. Yes we still have mandates for our frontline workers and we have a new government who is not doing much better then the last. We ask our politicians to tell the truth about the mistakes made during the pandemic. We want accountability and justice for those who lied, who cheated. #TellThe Truth; #SuddenlyDied, #ExposeThe28; #StopGovernmentOvereach

Convoy to Canberra


FOLlow US on telegram and see videos on you tube

hoping to live stream from there, its a work in progress…


Organise a mini convoy and come and join us:

24 x 7

Take a shift at the 24 hour protest parliament lawns; the daily 10 am protest at the Governor General’s


Donate a Coles voucher so that food can be cooked for protestors up on the lawn

24 x 7

Hundreds of Thousands of Australians descended upon Canberra Between January 28 and March 11 2022. Waves of convoys from all states made their way to their seat of government to express their opposition to government overreach, lies and corruption as evidenced by the mandates. History was made with huge representation made March 12 at the massive freedom raly pictures left. Some estimate well over a million attended that weekend. After the protestors were moved on from the lawn to the library, from the library to Epic where did they go? It is true many after being kicked out of Camp Epic (and in some cases literally run out of town by the Australian Federal Police) had no alternative but to go home. Others regrouped for a while at the various freedom camps that sprung up around Canberra’s radius. Some never left and have continued throughout April and into May to rally in pop up protests and daily at the GGs. Protestors have focused on one aspect of Australia’s moral breakdown, the most important: The ongoing coverup of systemic child sexual abuse by the Australian government and other Australian elites.

Daily more and more people are returning to Canberra to ensure the erosion of our freedoms stops and never happens again. Three of these people: Lucia from Qld and Kane and Allana from Victoria on the decided to return to the parliamentary lawns and the others soon joined. This 24 hour continual vigil is still going since March 21 Yep we are still here


Come for a weekend or come for the week
Join the Rally & City March several groups are organising May 14, 2022